Kat Powers

Dressing in layers on the cheap: Cuddl Duds on sale

I’m always cold. I sleep with wool blankets with a broken child-size sleeping bag and sometimes a heating pad because I’m always cold. However, finding warm layers is pretty touch.

Cuddl DudsToday I tried out Cuddl Duds which I found in a going-out-of-business store sale. These are the “Climatewear Legging ” style They’re soft and 100% polyester. I bought a size 2x after eyeing the 1x size. The larger size was both a little wide for me, and very long, but the bottoms could be rolled to fit under pants or tucked into socks.

Wearing them in 25F (2C) weather and not very active, I was appropriately warm, they didn’t tug at my underwear and then didn’t start sliding down me when I walked. If you’re outdoors for a while, they’ll tug at any body hair, so if you shave your legs, do that before attempting an overnight with them.

Fit: While they were obviously designed for someone much taller than my 5’2, I could make do with tucking them into my socks without discomfort. If I find them again I’m going to try going down one size.

Packing: Rolls up to the size of a T-shirt, and dirty I would use them to protect a treasure, be it a camera or something breakable I got at the gift shop.

Wear: Didn’t shrink in the wash. While white was what was available to me, I would most likely buy them in a color to match what could stain them. Perhaps a blood red or a forest green.

Price: They retail for $32, which would be worth it for a single pair you can wash often. Mine were discounted 60%, which I know I won’t find again.