Kat Powers

I’m giving up and making my own gear

Today’s bike ride was windy and sunny and too hot and then too cold and could have been improved with some better clothes. I of course forgot to pack food so I stopped at a coffee shop, silently mocking the pudgy guy in matching teal windbreaker, teal shirt, teal bike shorts, teal-and-black socks and black bike shoes buying a coffee with too much creamer.

So hear’s the thing: I’m in a sweater that’s absolutely soaked in sweat, which doesn’t block the wind very well but at least covers me from the sun. It’s either too warm or damp in the wind and too cold. And then mocking some guy dressed for biking appropriately.

Now, wearing a size you cannot find in a regular outdoor store, I improvise. Cutting men’s sweatshirts so they’re closer to fitting, using yoga pants as a base layer. But I want wool under-layers, jackets with pockets and maybe even a sun hat I can wash after it’s taken a dunk in the river.

I cannot seem to find those things in the store, and I have to try clothes on. A size 16W on a 5’2 woman is totally different from 6’0 woman in the same size.

So I think I have to make my own gear. I wonder how hard this will be.