Kat Powers

‘This is totally like Naked and Afraid’

naked and afaidMy hikes are pretty basic. I find a trail someone’s written about in the Boston area, somewhere less than an hour from my house, an I find a circuit I can walk. I tend to like circuits where I can see something new for the whole walk, but on days where I just need a hard workout I’ll find a big hill and run up and down both ways (not knee-friendly, but it keeps me sane).

I like to introduce folks to hiking, and I’ll take folks out with me when I can. For some reason, every single one of them, within half a mile of homes and streets and post office boxes and other harbingers of civilization, every single one will exclaim “THIS IS JUST LIKE NAKED AND AFRAID!”

I’ve learned that Naked and Afraid is a television program where a heteronormative pair is dropped, naked, in a reckless situation with a TV crew and no gear. I’ve watched a preview online after the third companion brought it up — I’ve not subscribed to the Discovery Channel to see it.

My hikes are within a days’ walk of downtown Boston, sometimes with a view of its skyscrapers. I tell my fellow hikers that in my pack I have extra hats, gloves, a water bottle for everyone, a flashlight, protein bars, a fire stick to power a dead cell phone and a rudimentary first aid kit. On one of my hikes we’re all going to be perfectly safe from everyone except perhaps fellow hikers.

And yet, everyone gets out of view of a street and they only have a semi-reality TV show to reference. That’s really sad.

I’ve totally got to drag more of you out on my hikes so your reference is the relative safety of the last hike we were on.